Group Nonprofit Courses and Webinars

'Make Money: Fundraising the Smart Way'
Learn how to create a fundraising and funding plan for your nonprofit organization.

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You will receive:

  • Strategy to create a sustainable fundraising plan
  • Access to cause- marketing products
  • Written assessment of next steps to achieve success from nonprofit consultant.

Nonprofit Program Development and Management

Session Objective: Nonprofits will gain an understanding of how to develop programs that will address the needs of the communities they serve and how to manage the program objectives.

Session Specifics: Nonprofits will attend a four-hour workshop that will address their individual needs to assess the current and proposed programs and the viability and effectiveness of each. This interactive session will address the provide comment on program curriculum and evaluation methods currently in place with the nonprofit organizations.

Session Impact: Nonprofit will gain a targeted focus on their mission and align their programs accordingly with community needs and funding. Nonprofits will also gain a greater insight into how to build capacity to achieve program success.