Marketing Plan Development

Do you know the definition of marketing?
It is to create customers for your product or services.

Do you have a plan to accomplish this task?
Is marketing in your budget?

People who know me tell me that I stay on my 'soapbox' about marketing.

But, let me say this, without marketing, you will NOT SUCCEED.

You may have a great product or service, but WHO KNOWS YOUR NAME?

  • Does your name have a top-of-mind awareness?
  • Do the public think of you when they need your product or service?
  • Do people recommend you?
  • Is your name on this Billboard?

What is a Marketing Plan?

The purpose of a marketing plan is to establish a blueprint to lay a foundation to success. A marketing plan is encompassed in a business plan. The business focus works in alignment with the marketing focus. If you don't know who to market, how can you project your sales revenue goals?

Ask yourself these questions;

  • What are your services and who would purchase?
  • What do these potential customers read, listen to, watch on television?
  • What activities do they participate?
  • Do they have children, own homes, play golf?

You must KNOW your potential customer.

I will give you the only guarantee that you will ever hear from a marketing agency; I have stood behind the following statement for over 20 years.

Marketing is Guaranteed to work If these 3 things are in place.

      You say the right message
      You say to the right people
      You say the message the right number of times.