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How to do business plans

The success of a business is based on the success of its blueprint and foundation development.

How to do marketing plans

The purpose of a marketing plan is to establish a blueprint to lay a foundation to success.

Pitch Tank and Coaching

The pitch is the lifeline to your business success.

Guerrilla Marketing

The definition of Guerrilla Marketing is maximum exposure and result marketing at a minimal cost.

Entrepreneurial training

Entrepreneurial Classes

Entrepreneurship is the fastest growing segment of workforce development.

Boot Camp

Courses and Webinars

Nonprofit Program Development and Management.


Fundraising and Grants 101

How to develop programs, write grants and fund raise for a successful nonprofit.

About Us

We are a business development and training firm.

Services have included: business and marketing plans, nonprofit training, group consulting, retreats, fundraising and grant consulting. Contact us at 202-430-0378 to learn more!


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